Features of HR Payroll Software



This major module provides the Details information about the user. User can create profile with all the necessary information. This module also provide ta company locations and directions through map. User also can edit their information’s.


In setting, customer can add information’s for the outlook of the software. Information’s like- Software Title, Address, Contact Information, Company Logo, Language, Currency and Necessary Photos.

Employee Details:

This module concentrates on providing all the necessary information’s about each and every employee’s that customer wants to keep record about the organization management. Add position, department, division and necessary documents of the employee is the core function of the module.

Training Details:

In Training module different types of training details are added by the user. Type of training and type of trainer’s information’s can add here. This module also provides workshop details and schedules which is included by the user.


In this payroll module system user manage salary templates of the employees. User can generate salary by employee’s position, department and division. User can also provide salary slip and manage salary status by the information’s of employee’s working days, hours and etc.


In attendance section user can keep record of employee attendance. It provides the option of tracking shift schedule and reschedules of the employee.


All kind of leaves record is listed here. Customer can grand or deny any leave appeal through this module. Also employee can drop there leave application to the admin user through this module.


Each kind of allowance that a company provides these are listed in this module. Different types of allowance can be added and removed by the user in this section.


Information of any kind of load that is related to the organization is maintained here by the user. This module also provides all the installments record.


Loan status report of employee is maintained in this module by the user. User can view the loan status by the position and division of any employee.

Notice Board:

It provides all the announcements/information updates that are given by the core user or management to the employee’s.


Conversation between employee’s and managements can be create by this messenger module. Its keeps track of every chat history and documents those are give and take by the users.


Date wise calendar is given in the module which is will show in the dashboard.

Activity Log: 

Any kind of information that which are updating in the system is showing in this module.


Customer can add user for manage the system in this module.

Role & Permission:

User can make role and user for the system through this module. This module also provide the access of set permission for user access.


Through this module user can change the total outlook of the system. By general section user can change the